Nanotechnology Surface Sealants for Auto, Home, and Marine

Protect and extend the life of surfaces from contaminants | Reduce cleaning time and costs

NanoSafeguard Self-Cleaning Window Treatment is a nanotechnology-based application that protects glass and synthetic surfaces from being tarnished and helps prevent the accumulation of dirt and other contaminants.

The applied sealant forms an invisible film on the surface that, when triggered by sunlight / UV rays in what is called a photocatalytic process, breaks down “muck” and dirt to the point that they are easily carried away by rain or water.

The compounds in NanoSafeguard Self-Cleaning Window Treatment have powerful hydrophilic properties, meaning they attract water and push other substances – such as bird droppings, dirt and other organic pollutants – away forming a self-cleaning membrane that keeps surfaces clean and functioning longer. (Self-cleaning effects are obtained after 6 – 10 weeks and can last up to 2 years.)

The treatment is perfect for weather-side windows, solar panels, conservatories, skylight windows, and more!



Self Cleaning Glass Treatment Kit

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