Nanotechnology Surface Sealants for Auto, Home, and Marine

Protect and extend the life of surfaces from contaminants | Reduce cleaning time and costs

Eco Friendly Product Mission:

Our products are engineered to be “environmentally friendly” in all aspects of its composition, application, and use.


The raw solution is formulated from renewable resources that contain zero volatile organic compounds (VOC’s). The carrier is alcohol and can dry your skin, which is why we recommend gloves during application of the sealant.


Application of the product does not produce any adverse health and safety conditions, as verified through independent tests by the FAA. Any objectionable odors are quickly dissipated as the alcohol evaporates.


The resulting nano-coating is odorless, colorless, non-reactive, and hypo-allergenic. Since it is not silicone, wax, or Teflon based, it will not leach into the environment.


The coating is not affected by household cleaning agents, therefore, the use of our products eliminate the need for harsh cleaning agents.