Nanotechnology Surface Sealants for Auto, Home, and Marine

Protect and extend the life of surfaces from contaminants | Reduce cleaning time and costs


Nanosafeguard nano-sealants are manufactured in Germany by the best scientists and engineers to bring you top quality products for a wide variety of applications. The process has been perfected and no one comes close to the superiority we offer you.

There are many companies that claim they offer nano-sealants, but in fact are only selling you a wax, Teflon or silicone coating which do not perform the way they claim. In fact, these coatings do more harm than good to the surfaces they are applied to.

Our nano-sealants are made of silica dioxide( like a glass or ceramic) nano-particles suspended in an ethanol solution. The particles are sprayed onto a sponge first and then applied to almost any surface. When the ethanol evaporates the sealant has cured and is now bonded to the surface. It is like placing a pane of glass over a wood table to keep the wood safe.


The sealant is hydrophobic which means it repels water and causes it to bead up and roll off. Other treatments utilize chemicals that lay on top of the surface. The difference in the way SNP treatments do this compared to other treatments is by manipulating these nano-particles.

By manipulating these nano-particles we can get qualities we want for specific jobs. Our sealants do this by filling in the microscopic peaks, valleys, and pores that are found on the surfaces of materials and prevent water from "sticking".

This makes cleaning treated surfaces a breeze because the dirt, grease, grim, food, etc. easier to remove but since the nano-particles have actually bonded to the surface and are not simply sitting on top of the surface, the sealants can NOT be washed off, unlike the chemical alternatives that will be washed down the gutter.So fromwindshields to washrooms, Nanosafeguard can save you time and increase your safety in a multitude of ways.

The picture above shows how the nano-sealant performs. This picture is of salt water residue on the glass. It can clearly be seen which pane is treated but the more important is that is hasn't been washed in over three months

The nano-coating that is created is only 30 nano-meters thick and the nano-particles can only adhere to the surface of the object and not each other. The surface feels smooth with a satin like finish. The surface is also anti-bacterial by minimizing growth of bacteria on treated surfaces. Our nano-sealants can only be removed through abrasive means, i.e. wiper blades, not washing.

If left alone, a treated surface can work at repelling water more than a year, but we recommend that the sealant be applied yearly to fix any worn spots that can occur from uneven wear.


The picture above shows how moisture is affected by the Nanosafeguard sealant. The right side of the glass is untreated and the left side of the glass treated. You can see how the accumulation of moisture on treated glass is almost non-existant.

Many of our customers have come to us frustrated by these so called "sealants" only to be blown away and ecstatic after using our products. We stand behind our nano-coatings with pride because we know they are the best in the world. Give us a call and lets see if we can as soon as possible.

Head over to our store and grab a test kit. Inside you will find a 2 oz of cleaner, 2 oz of sealant, applictor sponge, and microfiber towellette. This is everything you will need to apply the sealant to various surfaces and see how you like the results it offers before purchasing larger quantities.

We offer a 30 day money back garuntee if you are not satisfied with how the product performs. We respect our customers and keep all personal information completely confidential and do not share with third parties.

If you would like to just order the bottles of sealant all you need is a common kitchen sponge to apply it and a microfiber towel to buff it!