Nanotechnology Surface Sealants for Auto, Home, and Marine

Protect and extend the life of surfaces from contaminants | Reduce cleaning time and costs

It's Non-Stick for your Your Marine Vessel!

You have spent a lot of time and hard earned money on your ship. Its a passion for you. Nothing beats going out on the water with friends and family.

But it bothers you how dirty your craft can get and there isn't a skipper in the world that likes a dirty ship.

We know that you work hard and when you have the time to relax, the last thing you want to be doing is cleaning a boat while everyone else is having a good time.

And Nanosafeguard is exactly what you are looking for. Nanosafeguard sealant creates a non stick barrier that can be applied to most surface on a marine vessel.

Once applied Nanosafeguard bonds chemically to the surface, creating a barrier that repels water, dirt, salt residue, algae, and more.

Below is a window that had Nanosafeguard applied to the surface and left alone. The window was only subjected to the elements for longer than three months. Can you tell which pane was treated?


Increase efficiency!

With the cost of gas these days we could all use a little extra savings where we can get them. And as those ships get bigger so does the amount of fuel required to fill those puppies up. Summer is just around the corner and that means cookouts, tanning poolside, vollyball at the beach, and vacations with loved ones. Why not save a little cash to spend on those memories.

Nanosafeguard provides a nice two fold benefit for your boats hull. Not only does the sealant help minimize algae growth but also increases the efficiency of the craft!

By creating a hydrophobic surface Nanosafeguard reduces friction, allowing your boat to slide across the water much easier and faster. One customer gave a testimonial citing 4.7% increase in efficiency.

 It's Versatile!

Nanosafeguard can be applied to a variety of marine surfaces including painted surfaces, glass, eisin glass, EZ2CY, Aluminum, counter-tops, cook-tops, and more! The nano-sealant creates and invisible barrier that is only 30 nano-meters thick!

Marine craft that benefit from our nano-sealant are sport fishing, luxury yachts, work boats ( commercial fishing vessels, ferries, tugboats, search and rescue) and pleasure craft!

The Nanosafeguard Marine Treatment Kit contains everything you need to start applying the sealant.

There are 2 oz of glass cleaner, 2 oz of sealant, a microfiber towellette, and an applicator sponge in each kit with enough sealant to cover 50 square feet with 2 coats! This is a great trial kit before moving onto larger quantities.  

30 Day Money back Guarantee!

If you are not 100% satisfied with our sealant, we offer a no-hassel 30 day money back guarantee on all purchases .

We respect our customers and keep all personal information completely confidential and do not share with third parties.

Check out the testimonials of some of our happy customers in our Testimonial section and this article by the Florida Sportsman about our parent company SNP Worldwide.

Application Video:

Marine Treatment Kit

Marine Treatment Kits