Nanotechnology Surface Sealants for Auto, Home, and Marine

Protect and extend the life of surfaces from contaminants | Reduce cleaning time and costs

Stop those unsightly fingerprints!

WE know exactly how you feel. You clean that kitchen, scrub the countertops, clean the microwave, mop the floors and polish those stainless steel appliences till they are pristine.

And the some one touches the refidgerator door and after all that hard work, those awful fingerprints start to appear. What if we told you that we could remove that problem. Thats right, you do not have to go out and buy a new refridgerator.

Nanosafeguard prevents fingerprints on stainless steel appliences, allowing your kitchen to look as pristine as possible!

It creates a new surface!

Nanosafeguard bonds to the surface and creates an invisible barrier between the surface and the elements.

The nano-particles are made of silica dioxide, which is like glass or ceramic, and is suspended in ethanol. When the ethanol evaporates, the nano-particles are bonded and now protecting the surface.

Nanosafeguard ensures surfaces have only minimal contact with foreign particles by forming an invisible shield with the surface preventing water, dirt, oil and other pollutants from adhering. It is like sliding a pane of glass over a wood table to protect it.

Contaminants that are not completely repelled initially are easily removed later on with a damp cloth and mild cleanser. The sealant is anti-microbial, helping promote a safe area!

Nanosafeguard will not in any way alter the appearance of surfaces, nor will it crack, peel or discolor. The sealant is bonded to the surface and will not wash off!

It's Green!

Unlike most products on the market, NanoSafeguard nano-sealant does not include any wax, silicone or Teflon, which can actually do more harm to surfaces than good.

Since Nanosafeguard is nothing more that a type of glass, there are no harmful chemicals that will wash off and run off. And by mitigating the use of harsh cleansers( i.e. brake dust cleaner), you help promote a clean and healthy enviroment!

30 Day Money back Guarantee!

If you are not 100% satisfied with our sealant, we offer a no-hassel 30 day money back guarantee on all purchases .

We respect our customers and keep all personal information completely confidential and do not share with third parties.

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